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Firmware Update

Canon 600D vs 550D

Canon 600D vs 550D, What hasn’t changed at all, –  camera’s core specification.

What changed?

Fully articulated 7.7cm (3.0”) 3:2 Clear View LCD with 1,040k dots: For the first time in a Rebel DSLR, the new Canon 600D / T3i features a large Vari-Angle three-inch Clear View LCD screen with 1,040,000 dot/VGA resolution plus anti-reflective and smudge-resistant coatings for bright clear viewing from any angle.

Canon 600D  HD Video (New Features)

  • EOS HD Video: Ready For A Close-Up: When shooting Full HD video, the Canon 600D / T3i digitally provides additional zoom power without sacrificing quality. The new Movie Digital Zoom feature, a first for Canon DSLRs, allows users to achieve 3x to 10x magnification while shooting Full HD video. Unlike standard digital zoom for still images, Movie Digital Zoom crops the video image directly from the CMOS sensor at Full HD resolution to preserve video quality and still provide amazing additional telephoto power beyond just the lens
  • EOS Video Snapshot: Canon’s new EOS Video Snapshot feature borrows some innovation from Canon’s VIXIA line of camcorders for capturing, assembling and playing fun-to-watch video clips. The scenes are assembled by the camera into continuous Video Snapshot Album files for easy playback and can even be further edited in camera or through Canon’s Video Snapshot Task software on a compatible personal computer for added flexibility and fun.

New EOS Feature Guide : The EOS Feature Guide is designed to help first-time users and beginning enthusiasts better understand each camera setting with descriptions and guided recommendations for when to utilize certain settings.

An A+ for Automatic Mode: automatic mode with new Scene Intelligent Auto technology, re-branding the green mode dial setting with a boxed “A+” design. This new camera setting now takes Picture Style into account as part of the camera’s “Auto” setting. By analyzing faces, colors, brightness, movement, and contrast, the camera will dynamically adjust picture-style parameters to match the subject and control vividness.

Canon’s New four artistic filter options:

  • The Soft Focus effect filter helps dramatize an image and smooth over shiny reflections.
  • The Grainy Black and White filter can give a different nostalgic perspective to any shot.
  • Canon’s “Toy Camera” filter deliberately adds vignetting and color shift for a creative option when shooting a colorful scene.
  • Users can also make a scene appear like a small-scale model, simulating the look from a tilt-shift lens, with Canon’s Miniature Effect filter, great when shooting any scene from a high vantage point.

New Kit Lenses
Along with these DSLR cameras, Canon is also introducing a new kit lens, the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II zoom lens. The version II of this lens includes new IS algorithms  to automatically provide the optimal level of image-shake correction.

Conclusion Canon 600D is an extremely well-featured and a step above entry level DSLR camera, but it doesn’t officially replace the Canon EOS 550D.

Should you upgrade your Canon 550D? I would say no.

550D owners should wait for Canon 650D, 600D have no improvement in core specification. Get the Canon 600D only if it’s going to be your first camera.

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11 comments to Canon 600D vs 550D

  • Sandra

    Thanks for the review.

  • Ajay

    Many manufacturers are flooding the market with same camera models.

  • GregTan

    Very well described. Agreed, not a need for still photographer.

  • hi i’m sibi from india. I’m a wedding photographer. Ive using nikon d80. ive used it a lot,now its time for changing my cam. I’m thinking about buying canon 600d. But my frend said its all same as 550d. from this and some other sites i found thers not much change in these cameras and thers a great diffrence between price. so my question is, if we consider the prices is 550d a good choice? and im planing to do a little video too with that cam.. i’m in a contract with a short film. i’m thinking about using it as my second cam…
    and pls chk my photoblog.. its
    almost 90% of photographs there are taken with my canon powershot A530.Its a stunning cam… eventhow its only 5 megapixel it gives me wonderful results… i love this cam more than my d80… i usualy take that cam everywhere i go..

  • shan

    You didn’t mention the Master Flash Function of canon 600d, its a new future though. Well describe. Thanks

  • Beginner

    Planning to buy DSLR for first time. Here, the difference in the price is $115. I guess it is safe to decide buying 600D over 550D then. Thanks!

  • ANIL


  • Yuva

    I’m getting my first DSLR camera. Thanks a lot for the review, helped me a lot. But I can’t help thinking whether I should wait till Canon 650D gets released.
    What would be your suggestion?

  • admin

    Every year canon updates its entry level DSLR series, so we can hope can will update its 600D with Digic V image processor and improved sensor, the expected announcement date of new entry level DSLR is 2nd week of feb, Read canon rumors for latest updates

  • abhijeet rajput

    Hi all,

    Functionality+Specification of both 550D & 600D is same 99.99 %.
    The only difference is in features. 600D give 3-4 extra (nice) features.
    If you can afford more money 600D is great choice.

    I have booked 600D…waiting for the same 🙂

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