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Firmware Update

Canon 5DS vs Canon 5DS R

Take a look at the specification comparison of both the camera, the 5DS and 5DS R are identical from inside out, the only visible difference we can spot is the absence of low-pass filter in the 5DS R camera.

5DS-vs-5DS-R-rableBoth the two cameras are of high resolution full frame models. The specifications of both the two cameras are like shadow of each other and the only difference is in the optical low pass filter.

Yes both canon 5ds and Canon 5dsr is all about its superior specifications where resolution is of 50MP with CMOS sensor that don’t allow you to complain about its image quality with providing a even much more sharper and magnified images and you can capture all the actions of the desired subjects with 5FPS . One and the other are employing 64oo range of ISO and can be capitalized upto 12800 that helps you in giving the effortless try in freezed the subjects. Having the gorgeous 61 AF points that included 41 are cross type and 5 are double cross type will focus much of the subjects.


Canon 5DS R doesn’t have any low-pass filter
Optical low pass filter the only difference between the two cameras. You know why we can say 5DSR is more advanced than its sibling 5DS because it doesn’t rig with optical low pass filter and the absence of this equipment massively help you to get the more details of the images as well as smartly help you to overcome from the problem of false colour or ‘moire’ what we call in our scientific term.

So Maximizing the potential of the new 50.6 megapixel sensor – The cancellation of the low-pass filter helps deliver sharp images, squeezing the most out of every pixel.

Common New features

Canon also re-designed the mirror vibration control system to help reduce mirror bounce and camera shake.

To maximize stability and minimize vibrations, Canon added a new Arbitrary Release Time Lag Setting in Mirror Lock mode in both models. In addition to the standard setting (press the shutter button once to lock the mirror, then again to release the shutter), the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R cameras offer new setting intervals of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, one and two seconds, releasing the shutter after the selected preset delay, allowing potential camera vibration to dissipate before shutter release.

A new Picture Style called “Fine Detail” has been added to enhance the sharpness of JPEGs and EOS Movies with three new settings: Strength, Fineness and Threshold.

Price Difference – the Canon 5DS camera will cost you $200 less than 5DS R

Amazon Canon 5DS/5DR available for pre-order

Canon 5DS is also available for B&H
Cabib 5DS R is also available for B&H

5 comments to Canon 5DS vs Canon 5DS R

  • Marcus

    I don’t look inside the “R” prototype but I believe, that the “R” version has a low pass filter and an additional filter which cancels the effect of the low-pass filter in it.

    In my eyes there are a few big cons (5Ds and 5Ds R):
    – only 150.000 shutter releases guaranteed in this price class (I want min. 250.000), if you shoot a lot of timelapse videos the shutter is gone after a few month!
    – AF is only working down to – 2 EV (I want – 3 EV)
    – no DR improvement
    – no FF advantage because the pixels are to small
    – you get very big files if you open the images in Photoshop (200 MB plus)
    – no ISO 25 setting
    – IQ is not comparable with the latest mid format cameras (the IQ from the H5D-60 and H5D-200MS is worlds away, but that is clear if you look at the ‘little’ price difference)

    I my eyes the 5Ds and 5Ds R is a 5D Mark III camera with a different sensor, two processors and a shake reduction system.

  • Marcus

    Yes. I look inside and find out, that the EOS 5Ds R features a low-pass cancellation filter to counteract the effects of the low-pass filter.

    You have to change your list. Low-pass filter = “no” is not correct.

  • Marcus

    Re to: Canon Australia Shows off 5Ds R in “The Impossible Brief”

    Very funny video. That’s not the way we real pros work.

    The so called pros in the video are only actors that have sold their souls to Canon to earn money.

    I seems, that such so called pros take the sample images. That has nothing to do with professional photography. With every new camera we see new unusable sample images. Do you really want to sell cameras with these sample images Canon?

  • Marcus

    Cons (part 2):

    Let’s talk a little bit about the power consumption.

    The sensor, the processors, the display and the new antishake system need a lot energy.

    If you don’t use IS lenses and use the display only for a 2 second preview you can get between 650 up to 700 shots with one battery.

    If you use IS lenses and use the display only for a 2 second preview you can get between 500 up to 650 shots with one battery (depends on the used IS lens).

    If you want to use IS lenses and Live View 500 shots sounds like fantasy.

    A lot of Canon loving people cry if they realize, that you can get only a limited amount of shots with the A7 R. But the 5Ds or 5Ds R is not better.

    With the 5Ds or 5Ds R you can get up to 5 fps. In real the maximum framerate is a little bit under the mentioned 5 fps.

    Let’s talk about the timelapse function.

    It’s stupid to make timelapse videos with a high megapixel camera. Even if you reduce the resolution you have the problem that Canon only guarantees 150.000 shutter cycles. So I can’t recommend the new cameras for timelapse videos.

    The other point against is, that you can do only a limited amount of shots with the 5Ds (R) if you don’t have the additional battery grip. Up to 700 shot with only one battery maybe is not enough to make a perfect timelapse video.

    My main timelapse camera was the 350D prototype. You can get up to 1.100 shots with IS on or 1.350 shots without IS on with one battery, you have the advantage of the settings display on the back and the timelapse videos looks outstanding. That’s why I changed the died shutter system for 300 Euros. None of the so called professional Canon cameras was able to reach nearly 1.7 million shots with one shutter. All other shutters died around 550 shots.

    If you want high quality timelapse videos shoot in RAW, develop the images in Lightroom and put the images together with LRTimelapse.

  • Marcus


    The new high resolution sensor (5Ds R) performs at low ISO much better then any other EOS camera from the currently pro line (5D Mark III and 1D X) and the 1D Mark IV.

    The colour filters on the sensor are designed to produce a higher level of colour accuracy and separation. The sensor itself runs at a significantly lower temperature.

    The new sensor capture 14 stops of DR (just like the 5D III), but the sensor produce remarkably cleaner results when lifting deep shadows.

    I can highly recommend the 5Ds R camera for studio-, landscape-, architecture-, advertising-, product- and fine art photography.

    But look at the cons. In my eyes the 5Ds R is not the right camera for hobby photographers. Almost all hobby photographers want a tiltable display, high ISO possibilities, a fast shutter speed, the latest video functions and a camera they can use with afordable lenses.

    If you are interested in the 5Ds (R) and want the camera for professional work I recommend to buy 6 to 10 batterys. You need 6 to 8 full batterys for a whole shooting day if you are really bussy. I also recommend to buy two oder three more battery chargers. If not you drive crazy.

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