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Canon 5DS R High ISO Test


First Canon 5DS R High ISO test is now available, the 5DS R is recently announced camera by Canon and features newly developed 50.6 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS Sensor and the Low-pass filter effect cancellation bring out the 100% details out of Canon 5DS R camera.

Now take a look at the High ISO test…

Nikon D810 vs Canon 5DSR High ISO Test Image


Nikon D810 have less resolution (36MP vs 50MP) compared to the Canon 5DS R camera hence the photodiodes of the Nikon D810 camera are large, the Nikon D810 showing bit less noise compared to the Canon 5DS R camera.

Canon 5D Mark III vs 5DS R


Canon 5D Mark III does have low resolution (22 vs 50 MP) compared to the Canon 5DS R but 5D Mk III image showing less noise compared to the Canon 5DS R camera. However enormous amount of details available at 5DS R image.


Canon 7D Mark II vs Nikon D810


We know that the 7D Mk II is a 20MP APS-C sensor based camera and Canon 5DS R features 50 MP FF sensor, But we are comparing the Canon 7D Mark II with the Canon 5DS R since both camera have same pixel pitch and manufactured by Canon, the noise pattern of both the camera look almost same at ISO 6400.

Amazon Canon 5DS/5DR available for pre-order

Canon 5DS available at B&H
Cabib 5DS R available at B&H

source – Imagine resource

8 comments to Canon 5DS R High ISO Test

  • Yup, definitely not a camera for photojournalist of any kind of low-light shooter. I’d say it’s for studio use only.

  • crinosil

    The Canon also seems a little less sharp around the letters on the bottle… for this generation of the processor at least this is a low ISO shooter for sure….

  • ed hardyharhar

    It’s NOT an honest comparison-
    BOTH images from the FULL FRAME cameras should be at the same magnification. OF COURSE THE IMAGE WITH THE HIGHER MAGNIFICATION will show “more noise”, you are sampling a MORE MAGNIFIED portion of the image.

    Get back to us when you do a CORRECT test.

    Such B.S.— and I shoot with both Nikon and Canon and I can attest to their quality- this is a faulty comparison.

  • Marcus

    I can’t see these stupid high ISO test any more. Pros shoot in Raw and develop the images in Camera Raw. The sample images are JPG’s. If you look at the JPG’s the Pentax images are much sharper. But Canon is not well known for sharp JPG files. The JPG files that came out of the 5D Mark III are useless for professional looking images.

    The 5DsR was build for professional use (studio, architecture, products, advertising, models, landscapes) to produce the best image quality in the ISO range ISO 100 up to ISO 400. And that is exactly what the camera do.

    I do up to 85 percent of my shots at ISO 100.

    If you want dial in ISO 800 or higher, use the camera off tripod, use it with cheap lenses or want a camera for action, sports and wildlife buy an other body.

  • admin

    They are not magnified, the resolution of all the camera is different…

  • Marcus

    To use a high megapixel camera makes only sense, if the fine details don’t get lost.

    That’s why I can only recommend to dial in ISO’s up to 400. You can go a little bit higher, but you don’t get the IQ that your want and your customers demand.

  • David

    When Canon is ready to offer higher Pixel AND high ISO in a full frame I’ll be buying. Until then, I’m keeping my 5D III

  • Arthur

    I’d recommend also providing a sample of a higher resolution picture re-sized down to the other with a respectable app. Noise might be nominally worse, however, when a photo is re-sized for actual use, its impact will be lowered as noise pixels will be averaged.

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