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Firmware Update

Canon 5DS Mark II Coming with 55 Megapixel Sensor

Canon 5DS Mark II

Canon 5DS Mark II creative image

Canon 5DS Mark II Coming with 55.3 MP Sensor ? According  to latest information Canon 5DS Mark II will get a approx 10%   20% resolution bump compared to its predecessor. If the source is right then we will sure see next Canon 5DS Mark II camera with 55 60 MP sensor.

Without any doubt we can say the Upcoming Canon 5DS Mark II sensor will have Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology and will sure record 4K Videos.

Canon 5D Mark II Coming on Photokina 2018 ?

We again got confirmation from the same source that Canon 5D S Mark II camera is coming sometime in 2018. Based on my experience Canon will use Photokina platform to get maximum exposure for its next Megapixel monster.

It’s A big task for Canon R&D department to announce a Nikon D850 rival that already scored 100points during DXO Mark Lab test. Canon does have some BSI CMOF DPAF Sensor patents and we do hope Canon should bring new sensor technologies to improve the overall image quality of the DSLR as well mirrorless line-up.

UPDATE – Canon 5DS Mark II Coming with 20% increase in resolution

In recent alert we came to know that the 20% increase in resolution is expected and NOT 10%, so if next version of 5DS Mark II arrives in near future the resolution of the camera is expected to be 60 Megapixel.

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3 comments to Canon 5DS Mark II Coming with 55 Megapixel Sensor

  • Odin

    A lot hangs on this camera IMO. I don’t care about the res increase, 5MP in 50MP won’t make a bit of difference, but unless this is BSI sensor with at least 14EV DR at base ISO, superior high ISO, at least 7fps, 1DXII AF including AF cpu, tilt-swivel rear lcd, larger VF, massively improved video, and video options, much bigger buffer, then I’ll certainly skip it. They need to make a camera fully competitive with D850 and a clear step up from 5D4, but 5D4 price needs to drop, this cannot be a $4K camera like last time. D850 crushes anything Canon has for value, it’s actually very sad.

    But it’s hard to see a leopard change its spots, I’ll be surprised if much of this happens at all.

  • Andy

    Even I am waiting for a better chances inside the Canon DSLR but they always fail to do so isn’t it ?

    But I don’t think so.

    Canon DSLRs are always great, I don’t believe the Canon 5D Mark IV image quality is even bad compared to Nikon oily sensor based Nikon D610 camera

    Now that sounds are coming from many sites including Digital Photography Review that the CXO Mark labs reports are biased and they always tend to promote Nikon DSLR,

    what can I should do is to concentrate in the regular improvement of DSLR

  • Vincent

    I am waiting to upgrade to a Good full-frame canon camera, so I hope they come up with something good for 2018 as I am getting tired of waiting around.

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