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Canon 5D Mark V and Canon EOS R Mark II in Canon Internal Roadmap

Good news is Canon isn’t cannibalizing pro DSLR soon. According to rumors we have from rumor mill Canon is working on Canon 5D Mark V DSLR camera as well as Canon EOS R next iteration.

Canon 5D Mark V and Canon EOS R Mark II in Canon Internal Roadmap.

Unfortunately we have very limited information this time, but be assured will will update you as soon as we get any latest information about upcoming cameras.

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1 comment to Canon 5D Mark V and Canon EOS R Mark II in Canon Internal Roadmap

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    They are already thinking of evolving 5D4, and of the forgotten, abandoned, unattended, cornered Canon APS-C Pro we have news?
    The 90D will be a marvel in definition, but in relation to the accuracy of servo / focal area tracking it is far behind a camera that has been in the market for 5 years. Really the 90D comes to replace the 7D3 ?. A whole X-File.

    Ya están pensando en evolucionar la 5D4, y de la olvidada, abandonada, desatendida, arrinconada APS-C Pro de Canon tenemos noticias ¿?.
    La 90D será una maravilla en definición, pero con relación a la precisión del seguimiento servo/área focal esta muy por detrás de una cámara que lleva 5 años en el mercado. De verdad la 90D viene a sustituir a la 7D3?. Todo un Expediente-X.

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