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Canon 5D Mark IV Leaked Specification

Canon-5dX-2Canon 5D Mark IV Prototype[s] are under test phase, the leaked specification below is is of a 5D Mark IV Prototype camera, actually at this moment we even don’t know that how many test bodies are out in the wild..

Canon 5DMark IV Rumored Specification

  • 18mp Full Frame CMOS
  • ISO 100-204,800
  • 61 AF Points (all crosstype)
  • 12fps
  • Dual CFast
  • 4K Video Capture

The specification leaked over  is same as of Canon 1DX camera, in addition the 5D Mark IV will also record 4K videos, the upcoming camera name is till not final yet, it may be also called Canon 5D X.

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7 comments to Canon 5D Mark IV Leaked Specification

  • Marcus

    It’s very unlikely that Canon put an 18 megapixel sensor in the 5D Mark IV.

    A year ago Canon plan to put the 1D X sensor in the 5D Mark IV. But a camera with the rumored specification will attack the 1D X …

    If we don’t see a 5D X for action and low light photography, then we don’t see a 18 megapixel sensor in a 5D style body.

    The prototype I get for testing have different specifications. But the multi-layer-sensor-camera I get for testing is not announced until now, because Canon decide to put to 5Ds (R) on the market wo be the first with over 50 megapixels in an old body with stupid shutter cycle of only 150.000 shots.

  • Marcus

    A lot of pros told me if such a prototype really exist they will change the system and go away from Canon.

    The 5D Mark III was designed to be a multipurpose camera. Why should a 5D Mark IV now the right tool for action photographers.

    I my eyes Canon made some stupid decisions. A 7D Mark II with the 6D sensor in it with the same specs had a real change to blow the other brands away. But what we really get?

    A 5Ds (r) with less possible shutter actuations as a 7D Mark II is very stupid too.

  • Günni

    I am very disappointed that the new Canon 5D technology is still far behind current Nikon’s technology. If Canon is not changing anything significant – I need to change my camera system.

  • Michael

    Canon is avoiding direct competition with the Nikon D810 — BIG MISTAKE

  • James

    I am a little confused! Why the fewer mega pixels? I like the faster speeds for the type photography I do, but don’t know about skimping on the detail!

  • Justin

    @ James I am pretty sure 18MP is a false info. I am sure the 5DM4 would have 36MP full frame.

    The 4K video capturing is a great possibility considering the fact that the EOS-1D C decreased its price by $4000.

    I find the 12fps hard to believe because the EOS1D X only offers 12fps (who knows what the next version may be)and the 7D Mark II offers 10FPS. I mean it would be awesome if the 5DM4 offers 12FPS but many would argue that it’s kind of pointless to pay extra $1900 to $2000 to get the 5DM4.

    @ Michael – Canon 5DM4 would most likely destroy D810 IMHO 😀

    @ Günni – Can you explain and be cleared in regards to your statement? What makes you say the 5D Mark 4 technology is still behind current Nikon’s technology? 1) Canon has not yet officially announced 5DM4’s full specs 2) How can you compare Nikon’s current technology to Canon’s future product? I would normally say it’s kind like comparing apple to orange but….in this case. Your statement doesn’t have any ground whatsoever CONSIDERING the fact that 5DM4’s full spec has not yet been officially announced.

    Now if you are referencing the new 5D R/S model then you are in the wrong part of the site.

    @ Marcus – I totally agree with you.

    I just hope that Canon 5D Mark 4 lives up to it’s name and it won’t be another shitty bs upgrade from 5DM2 to 5DM3 lol.

  • Alexx

    The people responsible for the launch of the Canon 7 Mk2 need to be fired, because it is a death-born child: I expected something like the samsung nx1 or Sony A7 after after so many years. With so many old-tech in a bundle, it deserves the “Pentax-of-the-year-award”: Lots of yesterday-tech and tons of promises, promises promises….. My advice: Drop the Mk2 and deliver a Mk3 in state-of-art-tech for an affordable price ASAP!

    As a longterm Canon-follower I do not forget the Canon 5 Mk2 to 5 Mk3 lie who was more or less the same (overpriced) camera with a firmware update….
    Even the new 50Mp Mk 5`s are no alternatives: Hello Canon Company, this is your wake up call: Believe it or not, we already live in the multimedia time….. Still photography only was a 100 years ago….. And the little bit of video-tech in a 3.700 US$++ bodey gets beaten up from every decend 250$ Compact… Very disappointing. Canon share holders should start to think about selling their shares!

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