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Canon 5D Mark IV and One More Pro - DSLR Coming on CP+ Show 2015

5d-Mk-IVLatest rumor coming from Northlight Images website, According to a canon dealer of UK, Canon is ready to announce Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR in the month of February at CP+ show along with a new PRO DSLR camera.

We have told you earlier also (see here) that the upcoming Canon 5D Mark IV is expected to arrive with a option to record 4K videos and may also feature world first Dual-Pixel Fullframe CMOS sensor, we don’t have any details about the next pro body that is also expected to announce at CP+ show by Canon, however there are some rumors related to Canon megapixel monster , Canon modular DSLR, Canon 750D DSLR and Canon big sensor based compact zoom camera.

Like Canon 5D MK IV page in Facebook to get latest rumors and updates. The  the CP+ show will start from Feb 12 and will end on Feb 15, 2015.

src – Northlight

2 comments to Canon 5D Mark IV and One More Pro – DSLR Coming on CP+ Show 2015

  • Marcus

    In the last years I test many Canon gear before the products hit the market, send in a lot of feature wishes and write some very open letters to the Canon CEO.

    In the last letter I demand, that the 5D Mark IV and another professional camera must hit the market in Feb 2015 because a lot of good friends and very well known photographers go to Nikon or Sony and all my old bodys are now dead (1Ds Mark III, 1D X, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III) and I am not willing to pay high prices for the actual bodys whith bad image quality at low ISO’s.

    I hope that Canon wake up and meet their customers expectations.

    Don’t ask for details. I am under NDA.

  • T.mas

    i really hope that canon comes up with great new features … especially in the video mode, 60 frames would be so important, and tools – much more tools it`s so strange that i have to get magic lantern just to make the camera feel more complete, i have so much canon gear and i use it for filming too and if there isn`t something awesome coming, 60 or more frames/ no line skipping / maybe 2.7 or 4k … i have to change to sony 🙁 … oh and before i forget-> dynamic range! It´s just so important

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