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Canon 5D Mark III - The World's Most Popular Camera

I am the king Canon 5D Mark III

Did you know the name of world most used camera ? Explorecam knows it, the website Can actually pulls out all the meta data from the photographs that you capture and upload on the photo sharing websites like flickr 500px, pixway and via metadata of the uploaded image it actually finds out the  most used camera, lenses and settings.

After analyzing more than 6 Million images uploaded online beginning from 2016,¬† the websites stats show Canon 5D Mark III is the most used camera of the world right now, the next camera is Canon 6D and the third one is…

The World’s Most Popular Camera and Lenses

Take a look at the inforgraphics below

World most popluar camera

You can look at the list, it is really a surprise that all the three camera used by worldwide photographers are made by Canon. If we look at the stats of the lens, Canon Fullframe 24-105mm lens is on the top of the chart and next we have Nikon made 18-105mm lens.

The World’s Most Popular Camera Brands

Top 5 camera brnds image

The Explorer cam uses the data of flickr 500px and pixway and combine all these data into single page and gives you the exact figure of the most popular Camera and lenses of the globe used by the photographers worldwide.

You can visit for more details

9 comments to Canon 5D Mark III – The World’s Most Popular Camera

  • Amit begrai

    This nov……aachiv d……my drem

  • stella

    WOW .. its sooo exciting news, I actually own 5D Mk III

  • Mike Menon

    Where is Nikon and Sony, no where ?

  • ShutterBug

    Undoubtedly the 5D Makr III is used by a big number of users.

    That Means

    1. Canon 5D Mark III is one of the best product from Canon
    2. A perfect balance between price and specification
    3. Canon after sale support service is excellent and worldwide

  • NikonPro

    I am really surprised to see the big failure of my favourite brand, It is very clear that Nikon failed to make space among photographers worldwide as Canon.

  • I own a 5D3, is has some definite shortfalls but not difficult to workaround. Best camera I have ever owned.

  • Canonfan

    No. This means photographers using Canon 5d iii/ii; 6D are taking and uploading more photos .. not necessarily more cameras being used per say. Vast majority of consumer grade cameras Canon Rebels, XXDs, Nikon DXXXX etc. are used by individuals who are still perfecting their photography skills and most probably have not started posting on these sites.
    It means more expert photographers are using Canon full frame DSLRs vs. any other brand.

    PS: I aspire to get into the 5D club.

  • Canonfan is right, there are cams that are sold more often, but Canon 5D MkIII is used more often; especially for uploading photos.
    I am sure smartphones are used even more, but photos may be uploaded to sites which Can did not look at. But to be honest, serious photographers will upload to FLICKR, 500px or the like.

  • Check out the photos of groups of pro photographers shooting sporting or political events. Seems as if they ALL have Canons.

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