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Canon 18-55mm F2.8 IS Lens Patent

Canon finally working on a constant aperture kit lens – 18-55mm F2.8 IS that will boost up the image quality we generally get from standard kit lens from APS-C DSLRs. But, the physically the lens is 2X big compared to the standard kit lens we are having now. In general patents takes at least 1 to 2 year to become a real product.  The publication date of this patent is Jan 2019. So we have wait a bit long for its arrival.

Patent Details – Canon 18-55mm F2.8 IS Lens Patent

Specification and lens Arrangement of Master lens 1 (18-55Mm, F2.8)
Zoom Ratio: 3.05
Focal Length: 17.50 – 53.35 mm
F number: 2.80 – 2.80
Half angle of view: 36.65 – 13.71
Image height: 13.02 – 13.02 mm
Lens length: 148.81 – 172.70 mm
Back focus: 35.51 – 40.31 mm Specification and lens arrangement of master lens 1 with reducer 1 Focal length: 11.36 mm F number: 1.82 Half angle of view: 36.67

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3 comments to Canon 18-55mm F2.8 IS Lens Patent

  • Dave Haynie

    Cool. This is the lens I wanted nine years ago when I bought my Canon EOS 60D. No biggie, though, because Sigma made essentially that lens: the Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 EX DC. I’ve moved on, but it’s about time that Canon think about good lenses for APS-C.

    The real question is when, and for what. They promised no new EF lenses for 2019… does that include EF-S. Or will this be an EOS R lens for the inevitable APS-C EOS R cameras coming … eventually?

  • admin

    Agree, finally they are moving in right track.

  • Alliumnsk

    2 Dave Haynie:
    Its backfocus is very long (about 1.5x image diagonal) indicating a SLR lens, this rules out aps-c mirrorless.

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