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Canon 1100D vs Nikon D3100

Canon New Entry Level DSLR Vs Nikon Entry Level DSLR D3100, a quick comparison.

Both Nikon and Canon entry level DSLR have approx same price tag, Nikon D3100 have better Movie mode but limited to Nikon DX and AF-S mount lenses and Canon 1100D support EF & EF-S  lenses ,Nikon D3100 have better movie mode and a  bit bigger sensor with high resolution.

Buy Canon 1100D at Amazon or B&H photo

Buy Nikon D3100 at Amazon or B&H Photo

Conclusion: Nikon D3100 is a overall better camera, Nikon D3100 gives you better movie mode and still shot with 11 AF points, At Canon 1100D Auto-Focus  is not available during video shooting, so if you want to shoot images and capture Full-HD Video with you first entry level DSLR,  Buy Nikon D3100, If you want to shoot only images with your first entry level DSLR, you should buy Canon 1100D.
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Buy Nikon D3100 at Amazon or B&H Photo

20 comments to Canon 1100D vs Nikon D3100

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  • downlicious

    You can’t say that Nikon is better. It’s “better” only on the numbers. Wait for the release and then end up.

  • straight up nikon!

    Blah blah blah Canon! Nikon will always have superior AF and ISO.

  • kamlesh Pandey

    kindly up date me on regular basis regarding NIKON D3100

  • admin

    Please subscribe to our email service or feed for regular update

  • inder

    i am confuse to buy canon 1100 d or nikon 3100d

  • unni

    Confused for better pichure quality what i ll choose canon eos 1100d or nikon d3100

  • shivram

    Canon is better and the best always.
    Nikon is always secondary

  • Divesh

    Nikon is always a better choice if photography is taken as a profession….. if its a hobby then do not think twice…. go for canon

  • aditya vatsyan

    i want to buy a dslr nd i have studied both of these camera’s. i have reached to a conclusion that if u go for nikon 3100 it’s a little expensive affair as the it does not support 3rd party lenses and nikon’s older version lenses but the canon 1100 supports all..!!! so it’s better to buy canon as it is cheap. yes it is true that nikon has more features as compared to canon but these features are for professionals..!! for simple hobby canon is the best..!!

  • Jane

    CANON #1 preferred actually by professionals 😀
    And delighting us always! 😀

  • JP

    It’s not about preferred by professionals, it’s about Nikon d3100 vs. Canon 1100d. Got d3100 it’s wonderful. Used Canon 1100d and i would still prefer Nikon. Better ISO.

  • rob

    so which is better for a amuter who wants to sell the pics

  • rob

    check my pics see which wud b better for me

  • vic

    nikon is a good camera, no doubt…but cannon has for features…it has in-built focus motor, has got bracketing n the latest AEB feature which nikon d3100 lacks…thus it makes cannon more professional n better scope in photography…

  • nick

    all fight for nikon vs canon – its more of a taste and mindset – for a rookie or an amateur photographer – images in 90% of situations would look almost similar – of course at this stage you wont have the konwledge and desire to go that deep to the roots of each pixel – but what suits ur budget and mindset and focus on capturing and evolving – both nikon and canon has competitive models till the best models hence it should not be an issue to take the lenses / accessories and other stuff ahead – good luck clicking

  • siraj

    canon is always good n proffesional it as very good focusing iso…. so go better canon


  • Wein Cxian

    which one is ideal for me as a beginner…
    I want a cam for the following
    1. landscape shooting
    2. night time shooting
    3. macro shooting (for insects/animals)

    hope you could advise which one among Nikon D3100 and Canon 1100D..


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