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Best Mirrorless Camera of 2013 - High ISO JPEG TEST

We have collected some HIGH ISO JPEG images of  Panasonic GH3, Sony NEX 7, Olympus E-M5, Fujifilm  X-E1, Sony NEX-5N, Canon EOS M . Click to en-large, Take a look at the images – share your thoughts with us.

Top two performer are Sony NEX 5N and Sony NEX 7,  images are clear even at ISO 6400, in the next slot we have Canon EOS M, Fuji X-E1 and E-M5 at bottom we have Panasonic GH3.

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5 comments to Best Mirrorless Camera of 2013 – High ISO JPEG TEST

  • Dmitri

    sony NEX is a rubbish camera which has problem with lens wiggles around the camera body. It causes lens not to be recognized by camera or become unresponsive. I’ve got NEX5N and NEX6 and returned both of them. It is a joke! Sony NEX should be recalled

  • Bob

    I had the same problem with NEX5N! I returned it on my warrantee and got it back from Sony after a month of waiting with a note that the cost of the repair exceeds the cost of the camera so they won’t honor the warrantee! I was stumped until I read Dmitri’s review. I just said I would never buy a Sony product again for myself or my studio, but now I am going to see who else has had this kind of terrible service with a camera that has known issues.

  • agachart

    @GH3 vs. OM-D at ISO3200/6400 i think GH3 is so strength(look at pcb curcuit and A char) but ISO12800
    is so bad

  • Where is the Pentax K-01 in this comparison? This camera is known for its excellent high ISO performance, so including it would have helped put other cameras’ image quality in context.

  • Dmitri

    Just an update. I’ve got Oly OMD EM5 and it is in another league compare to Sony NEX.
    When I mounted lens it sits like a rock, camera has magnesium body. Zuiko 14-150 I use now two times smaller than Sony 18-200 I used with NEX and two times sharper.
    I just can’t understand all these good reviews for Sony, it is a joke.
    Now I’m telling Sony NEX user, rotate your lens zoom ring and if you hear click ( you will:)) this means the start of your trubble!

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