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Basic Rules of Composition in Photography

At first we have to understand that what composition is in general terms. Composition is not applied only in photography but it applies to every kind of art whether it is dance, literature, music and so on. Without proper composition an individual is unable to give proper results in photography, visual art, dance and so on. So composition explains the positioning or arranging the elements in any type of work of art.
Now we are going to discuss what is composition in photography? Composing means “arranging different types of elements available in a particular frame of reference that attracts a viewer eye”. Without a proper composition interesting objects can be spoiled. With a proper composition an uninteresting subject’s can attracts the audience. So we can understand that what role the composition plays in a photography.

The aperture, angle and focal length also affect the composition. + we also have some elements of composition like colors, shadows, shapes and etc. An example of flood photography, where an individual who is a photographer he wants to show the audience that how flood destroys everything. So it depends on the circumstances or cases or subjects that which type of composition a photographer should implement in a photograph.



Patterns in plant Leaf

Pattern exist in our environment the only thing is to see them through our inner eyes. It exists in an artificial and natural form. If we understand the pattern we can found it everywhere i.e. in a market, monument and etc. lighting is also important in pattern. If we take the example of fields during overcast day, the audience lacks interest in that picture.


L.C. Nøttaasen L.C.Nøttaasen

The second component is texture. When the light strikes on the subject at different angles then the texture helps in making proper composition.

Symmetry-sample-imageRichard Taylor dicktay2000

Symmetry is a line which creates a balance in a photograph. If we divide the subject in a half in a proper way then it is known as the image is symmetrical. Generally we are using two types of symmetry in photography i.e. vertical line symmetry and horizontal line symmetry.
Line is also one of the elements of composition in photography. There are different types of lines like horizontal, vertical, diagonal and converging lines present in the most of the composition that we capture and if used properly it will create impact in the audience eyes.



DOF – Focus on the subject you want to show it the viewers

Depth of field (DOF) used to stand out the subject from the environment, lower aperture such as f /1.2 or f/1.8 helps you to focus on the subject and create a beautiful bokeh( background blur) in the image.

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