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A glimpse into the future - Canon R&D Lab Report

Take a look of our upcoming products report generated by multiple patents filed by Canon from past 4 to 5 years. we are continuously doing a lot of effort to bring latest and true information in-front of you.

Yes, Canon is working on a fullframe mirrorless camera and we will soon see more evidence as the announcement time of the camera approaches…

canon-FF-m-halfYes, Canon is Working on Fullframe Mirrorless System Camera.

Canon EF 50 F1.2 lens Patent for Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera According to the latest patent surfaced over the web, the 50mm F1.2 Lens is coming for a full-frame mirrorless camera, just few dyes ago we have seen lens patent made for Canon 4/3 mirrorless camera, Sure we will see a whole new range of mirrorless camera from Canon in 2016.


5 Layer sensor for APS-C and Full-frame DSLRS
Canon Patent Five Layer Sensor

A Canon 5 layer sensor patent surfaced over the web (filed on 2012.11.22) , the sensor features two additional layer (UV and IR), the UV and IR layer will remove skin spots to capture bright and clear skin tone.

Canon New Multilayer Sensor Patent

Also see  the Canon Patent Five Layer Sensor, and  a Three-Layer sensor from Canon,


Next generation of  Dual Pixel Phase Detect AF
Canon Patent – Fast AI Servo with Dual Pixel Phase Detect AF Latest patent surfaced over the web that shows advance Dual pixel technology that shows significant improvement on AF tracking during burst mode. The technology will be implemented on on upcoming pro APS-C DSLR and Full Frame DSLRs. source


External Lens Image Stabilization Unit For your DSLR 
Canon Patent – External Lens Image Stabilization Unit For your DSLR It really is like something out of sci-fi, Canon is working on a external image stabilization unit that will enable Image stabilization in your DSLR, the unit will be placed in between your Camera lens and DSLR, just like as you are using the Canon teleconverters for DSLRs (see Canon EF 1.4X III Telephoto Extender). The best part is your focal length and F value remains same even after adding the external IS mechanism in your DSLR. Source


Canon Working on 100X optical zoom camera
Another 100X Optical Zoom Lens Patent from Canon Another Canon 100X optical zoom lens patent for compact camera surfaced over the web,  Also see one more Canon 100X zoom lens patent published on 2013. Source


Canon Working on SLT Technology
Canon to Bring Back Pellicle Mirror in Upcoming DSLRs Canon latest patent revealed a new DSLR camera that uses Canon old Pellicle Mirror technology and Electronic viewfinder. source


Canon Patent Multi-View Camera System
Canon Patent Multi-View Camera System Canon multi-view camera patent is pending, as far as I can understand from the patent the camera will give you Depth-of-Field control like Lytro camera, wide range of  perspective control, excellent noise control, resolution conversion, HDR, distance estimation like a Rangefinder. source


Canon Working on Liquid Lens
Canon High Speed Liquid Lens Patent Canon high speed liquid lens patent surfaced over the web, it is possible that motor from the liquid lens get eliminated since the liquid changes its shape when desired voltage is applied, take a look at more details below


Canon light-field Sensor technology for improving AF speed
Canon Patent – New Hybrid AF Sensor Canon finally wants to enhance the AF speed and accuracy to next level, they will now use light-field technology to improve the performance of the AF sensor inside the camera. source


Canon Next gen of Dual Pixel AF patent

Improved Dual-Pixel AF Technology

Hybrid AF technology The Next Generation of Dual-Pixel AF sensors show significant improvement in the AF speed and Continuous shooting speed of Canon DSLRs or current 70D, now the upcoming DSLRs doesn’t require to move the mirror up and down during AI servo mode, the advance Dual Pixel technology inside the sensor will do all the   Job and may completely eliminate the need of Phase AF module in the DSLRs. source


Canon 120MP APS-C sensor img

Canon 120MP Sensor
Canon 120MP APS-H Sensor Surfaced Again Back on August 30th, 2010, we have published the news that Canon successfully developed a APS-C H size sensor that can captures still images of 120MP, the same sensor is again being showed at the current CP+ show at 2015, the camera features a continuous shooting speed of 9.5 fps, according to the news Canon will use ‘parallel signal processing’ technology to drag out the maximum output from the camera


canon new viewfinder image

Canon Patent New Optical Viewfinder for Next Flagship
Canon Improved Optical Viewfinder with  magnification ratio of 0.82X

Canon patent a new viewfinder for professional DSLRs that features magnification ratio of 0.82X. Let me know you that the 5D Mark IV viewfinder features magnification ratio of 0.71X and the Canon 1DX Mark II features magnification ratio of 0.76X.

Believe me or not this tech will sure coming in future camera’s of Canon for sure. The viewfinder may be used for upcoming Canon 1DX Mark III or may be Canon 5DS Mark III.


More to come…

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1 comment to A glimpse into the future – Canon R&D Lab Report

  • smalitro

    Several small comments to all the canon related news:

    Canon EF 50 F1.2 lens…
    You write “whole new range of mirrorless camera from Canon in 2013”
    I guess it should mean 2016 or even 2017. But it wold be fantastic to get the great Canon glass in a default MFT sensor cameras – hopefully in default standard.

    Canon Patent Five Layer Sensor
    Not Sure, but isn’t normal galss intransparent for UV light?
    Also how would this absorbtion sprctra work without disturbing each other? if only 10% are lost – for each layer the rel light intensity would go down to 73%…
    Can someone please post a link to the according atent (like with the others)?

    Canon Working on Liquid Lens
    Liquids have a better difraction index (being more uniform) and also can change shape. This could be the biggest rise in image quality or lens design since image stabilisation
    I love to hear more about the background technology

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