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A day after Canon Seeimpossible Campaign - People Reaction

After such a long wait Canon fans are really disappointed to see just a marketing Campaign announcement form Canon, we have collected some funny and serious reactions of Canon fans… take a look and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us


a-day-after-seeimpossible-5 a-day-after-seeimpossible-4 a-day-after-seeimpossible-3 a-day-after-seeimpossible-2 a-day-after-1You can see the details of Canon Seeimpossible Campaign here – People reaction below and add your reaction to the comment box.

1 comment to A day after Canon Seeimpossible Campaign – People Reaction

  • dbaechli

    Actually, when the counter went to 0:00:00 here in Europe, nothing happened. Then people said, wait, it’s US time.. That made me re-read their text and already then I suspected something like this. Thinking about it, really, I must say it was a pretty clever move: Canon virtually peed everybody’s leg!

    We are always so eager in to buying the next best tool – or gadget, that we’ve lost the sense for quality, durability and most of all sustainability. We’re in such a rush for the next best thing that we loose sight of the nearest things. We invest time in writing, demanding, bashing and talking about stuff, instead of going out and use what’s already there and actually already working like a charm.

    Looking back at all the new stuff coming out, it’s a chase, a chase at the cost of quality and consitency.

    So Canon just told us innovation is a good thing, but consitency is more important..

    I only see one prob with this campaign: how does it generate money for the company?

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