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Firmware Update

Nikon Patent - 35mm FF Lens with Curve Sensor

A wired lens patent from Nikon surfaced over the web, we are saying wired since the lens us made for curve sensor. And if you look at the patent image the camera doesn’t have any mirror inside. So, the patent clearly shows us future Nikon Mirrorless camera with a curve sensor.

The patent doesn’t specify that camera is a Compact camera or a Mirrorless camera. Few weeks ago we have told you that Nikon is working on High-End Mirrorless camera and just after that Nikon also officially confirmed the same. It is also possible that Nikon may be working on a Sony RX1 series competitor ? since the lens attached with the camera is a 35mm F2 fixed lens.

Earlier we have received information that Nikon will going to expand the Nikon 1 series camera.

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source – Mirrorlessrumor

Nikon D5700 to Feature 4K ?

Nikon D5700 4KIt was just another email by Nomen Nescio, this time he said next D5xxx series will get 4K. Arrival is expected in Q4 2018. I do expect arrival of 4K in mid-range and entry level DSLRs in upcoming years, this info looks logical to me.

Also see Confirmed Nikon working on a Mirrorless Camera

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Canon 6D Mark II High ISO Test

Canon 6D is latest Canon entry level Fullframe DSLR that features a newly developed 26Mp DPAF sensor. We have compared some high ISO samples of Canon 6D Mark II images and we have impressed with the image quality of the camera.

ISO of both the camera is set @ 25600 and we are comparing here standard JPEG image of both the camera.

ISO 25600

The comparison is based on user request. In between Canon 6D Mark II and Canon 80D we can clearly see that Canon 6D Mark II is fetching more details compared to Canon 80D camera.

Continue reading Canon 6D Mark II High ISO Test

Canon SL2 in-Stock Alert

Canon 200D image

Good news: Canon 200D / SL2 is now in-stock at B&H store and you can get your copy by visiting the store. The camera features newly developed 24 MP DPAF CMOS sensor and standard ISO sensitivities 25600 and extended Extended sensitivities 51200. The compact DSLRs also offers Full HD video recording @ 60fps. Click here to see announcement articles

Canon C500 Mark II Rumor

Canon C500 Mark II

According to latest rumors Canon will going to announce C500 successor anytime soon. The name of the camera will be called Canon C500 Mark II, the specification of the camera is not known yet but will do expect a major specification upgrade in the upcoming camera.

Canon C500 camera is discontinued and no longer available for purchase in online or retail outlets.

One of the most important point to notice is Canon C500 camera was having a 10 Megapixel full frame sensor with dual pixel CMOS autofocusing system, the camera was able to record 4K videos at 60 frames per second. so at the moment we do expect that the successor of Canon C500 camera will able to record higher resolution video and will also offer more frame rates compared to its predecessor.

At the end, it is quite logical to expect 6k video mode and 4K at 120 FPS in the upcoming Canon C500 mark 2 camera but that is our expectation and not information

Take a look at the list of Canon upcoming products

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Nikon Upcoming Cameras and Lenses - July 2017

upcoming nikon

List of Nikon products expected to announced in next few months is given below.

Nikon D750 and Nikon D810 replacement is overdue and  based on latest news and rumors it is considered that the replacement of Nikon D810 camera is scheduled to arrive on July 25 2017 and Nikon D750 successor will arrive some time in 2018.

As usual prior to the announcement of camera in general we got lot of leaked images specification continuously via multiple sources. But,  it’s July mid and we are not getting any rock-solid information related to Nikon D810 replacement, this is quite unusual and if the same goes continue and I don’t expect this announcement on July 25, 2017.

Now take a look at the list of product that is expected to announce soon these model codes name has been surface by a different registration Agencies worldwide,  after registration the product is generally announced by the company in next 2 to 3 months.

N 1546

  • Digital camera
  • made in China
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

in the camera you can clearly see that the bluetooth and WiFi is pre installed but the camera mode is made in China and as far as I know, that Nikon DSLR are in-general manufactured at Thailand and Indonesian manufacturing unit and compacts camera at China.


  • Digital camera

We have all new model code name (1608) and no extra info available right now,  Manufacturing place of particular model is also not known.

N 1622

  • Digital camera
  • made in China
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

Here we have one more compact camera that is manufactured at China and also have pre installed WiFi and Bluetooth hardware. Also see  Nikon working on next gen of compacts camera


  • Remote controller

N 16 H 0

  • Dot site for camera

So in the above list we have 2 compact camera and identity of 1 digital camera remains unsolved due to the less amount of information related  available.

Also look at – Nikon working on Mirrorless camera

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Canon 85mm F1.4 and one EF-M Lens Coming

Canon upcoming products

Canon is rumored to announce 85mm F1.4 lens on last week of August 2017. Keep in mind that Canon EOS M20 is also rumored to arrive on End-of August.

Take a look at the list of Canon products will arrive soon


Mirror-less camera

made in Japan

SKU: 2209C002AA, 2209C012AA, 2209C022AA, 2209C032AA, 2210C002AA, 2210C012AA, 2210C022AA, 2210C032AA, 2211C002AA, 2211C012AA, 2211C022AA, 2211C032AA

Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

You can see Canon Mirrorless (PC2276) camera have 12 different SKU numbers. That doesn’t mean 12 different models are coming, in-general a mirrorless camera arrive in different colors and with different lens kits. All these have different SKU numbers.

PC 2335

Digital camera

made in Japan

SKU: 2208C001AA

Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

According to the information we have, Canon PC2335 is a compact camera. Canon G1X Mark III and a Megazoom is also expected to arrive this year, we will update you soon as we get any info.

Interchangeable lens 1

SKU: 2271 C 005 AA

Made in Japan (Utsunomiya Factory)

As usual the 85mmF1.4

Interchangeable lens 2

SKU: 2273C005AA, 2274C005AA, 2275C005AA

It is unknown whether the colorfulness is three colors or different lenses. But, yes it is posssible a lens is coming in three different colors, silver, gray and white.

Made in Malaysia


Yes we have written one mirrorless lens is coming, but it’s look like more than one EF-M lens is expected to arrive. Possibly, One in gray and black color option and other in black only.


SKU: 2398C003AA

Made in Japan (Oita)

Stay with us and we will going to update you soon.

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