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Firmware Update

Canon Profit Up in Q1 of 2018, Digital Camera Sales Down Upto 8%

Canon Q1 results
Canon overall profit increased up to 4% in the first quarter of result. The overall profit of the company increased due to the high demand of chip making equipment across Asian countries. But, again Digital Camera sales dropped upto 8% in the first quarter of 2018. And that’s really a sad news for digital cameras giant like Canon.

Check our article – Digital Camera Sales all Time Low

As we have already told you in one of our articles published few days ago that photography is all time popular. Instagram other social sharing sites are booming up with billion’s of images. YouTube is now more and more crowded than ever before, so that clearly indicates that people still love photography, but the means and the standard of taking photograph has been changed dramatically and these cameras giant must understand that what people actually want right now and how to satisfy their own needs. Yes, they do make concrete professional cameras but to survive in the market this should make Pro grade compact cameras with Android operating system as well as this should also include computational photography technology by including multiple camera module in one, to generate DSLR like images. The only way to survive in this ever changing market is to adapt the new changes as quickly as possible.

Canon isn’t too behind – they are working on compact camera with multiple modules

We do hope canon will bring these latest gadgets in the market as soon as possible to reach new generation of smartographers.


Fuji Patent - Smart Mode Dial Button for Fuji X-Series

TNC Exclusive content – Fuji is working on smart dial buttons for future X-Series camera. The single smart mode dial button above the camera can be used to set shutter, exposure and ISO of the camera. As details reveled from the patent document, the smart mode dial button will have a touch display and every time when a users click the top of the display it automatically switch to different modes. A very impressive move by Fuji to bring such a feature inside the X-series camera.

In the image below you see the the different interface of same mode dial button, once you select the desired value (for example ISO 1600) and click on lock on center, you get the option to set shutter speed and so on.

shutter mode

Patent Details Translated from Japanese

And the operation dial rotatable,
A display unit provided on an upper surface of the operation dial,
A contact detection unit for detecting a contact to an upper surface of the operation dial,
A locked state switching unit for alternately switching between the locked state and the unlocked state each time the contact to the upper surface of the operation dial is detected,
A rotation detector for detecting rotation of the operation dial,
A setting switching portion that switches sequentially set in accordance with only the rotation of the operation dial in the case of the unlock state,
Said a display control unit that controls the display of the display unit, the display control unit for displaying images and setting currently selected lock button,
Setting device equipped with.

Provided are a setting device and a camera having improved usability and capable of preventing erroneous operation with a simple configuration. A display part (110A) is provided on the upper surface of a shutter speed dial (110). The display part (110A) displays settable shutter speeds and an image (Lb) of a lock button. A touch sensor (136) detects the touch of a user on the upper surface of the shutter speed dial (110). The switching of shutter speeds using the shutter speed dial (110) is locked and unlocked each time the touch sensor (136) detects a touch.

Setting device and camera

The present invention relates to a setting apparatus and a camera, in particular setting device using the operation dial rotary, and a camera with the setting device.

Setting device using operating dial of the rotary is capable intuitive, also, since the setting status at a glance, are employed in many devices. In particular, in a camera, various photographing conditions (e.g., shutter speed, sensitivity, exposure correction value, shooting mode, etc.) as a means for setting a setting device using the operation dial rotary have long been used.

As this type of setting device, Patent Document 1, the setting device having a display portion on the upper surface of the operation dial is described. In setting device of Patent Document 1, in accordance with the rotation of the operating dial, the display is switched in the display unit. Further, Patent Document 2, the setting device having a display unit and the touch panel on the upper surface of the operation dial is described. In setting device of Patent Document 2, by a touch operation on the touch panel, it is switched items displayed on the display unit.

Further, in this type of setting device, sometimes mechanism is provided for preventing the setting unintentionally would change. For example, Patent Documents 3 and 4, the setting device having a mechanism for locking the operation dial mechanically is described. Further, Patent Document 5, even if the operation dial is operated to rotate, so as not to change the setting, are described setting device provided with means for inhibiting change of the settings.

Also see – Fuji Patent – Tillable Top Display

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More Signs: Canon G7X Mark III Coming...

Finally, we got hints from reputed rumor mill that Canon G7X Mark II camera is discontinued by the manufacturer. Well that’s a great news if true. We have got multiple hints in the past that Canon G7X Mark III camera is expected to arrive in the year of 2018.

Few, month ago Canon registered a G series camera EC804 in wireless certification agency. According to Japanese sources the EC804 is a G series camera, possibly Canon G7X Mark III.

All these indicate we may see successor of Canon G7X mark II soon, possibly in next few months.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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More Hint: Nikon Mirrorless Coming on Photokina 2018

Nikon mirrorless camera is mentioned at Japanese website SankeiBiz, According to the news website Nikon is working very fast on the development as well announcement of Nikon Mirrorless camera in current fiscal year (Before March 2019). But at the same time SankeiBiz also added that, according to sources Nikon will pick overseas trade show for Pro-Mirrorless system cameras. It clearly indicated Nikon will select the 2018 Photokina platform to announce its Mirrorless system cameras.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Nikon Products at Wireless Certification agency
Nikon Registered N1710 For Wireless Certification
Nikon Registered N1711 Digital Camera

Latest Patent
Nikon Working on Next Generation of Android Compact Camera

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Sony A6700 Rumored Specification

Finally we have rumored set of specification of the upcoming A6700 or Sony A7000 camera. Name isn’t confirmed yet. The camera is said to be feature 4K HDR Mode and A6700 prototypes do record 4K at 60fps in it’s early test stage, but the feature will going to remain the final production version of the A6700 camera is still not confirmed.

Ok ,we have the list of set of improvement noticed in the existing prototypes of the A6500 successor,

Sony A6700 Rumored Specification

1. AF is vastly improved with Eye tracking, you can call the cam a mini A9

2. Better low light performance, standard ISO do touch the 51200 mark

3. New 4K HDR, 4K 60p is for limited time in test versions

4. Compatible with UHS II

5. 1/8000 shutter, faster Continuous Shooting

6.  2x Improved Battery Life

First of all, I am really excited to see the overall core specs of the camera.  Keep in mind these rumors are coming from anonymous sources, so keep it with grain of salt.

What I am expecting from Sony A6700

I am expecting that Sony A6700 camera must have a fully articulating screen and that will make it a perfect camera for online content creators. Introduction of Dual SD card slot is also on my wish list as well as their should be some sort of High Resolution Mode, similar to other Sony flagship alpha Fullframe cameras.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Digital Camera Sales all Time Low

Well that’s a matter of concern anyone who is associated with camera industry. As you can see the camera announcement has decreased tremendously from 2013, and after every year we are facing a big drop in the number camera announcement.

As you can see in the graph last year only 31 New camera was introduced, which is approx 50% less compared to previous year of camera announcement. It’s very clear and important to understand that Digital camera sales are falling down, but interchangeable system sales are safe and we haven’t seen any bid down or up with the stats of system cameras.

CES show was a platform for the announcement compact cameras.   But, surprisingly this year CES show was completely blank and not a single compact camera was announced in the show.

The compact camera sales almost touched the ground and only few pro compacts with big sensors are able to attract limited customers.

1. The Rise of Compact and Social Camera – Smartphones

The big reason behind the drop of camera in the sales digital camera is introduction of smartphones with camera module and advance OS  which can cross connect social media platforms, that allow users to quickly upload the images.


2. Photography all time popular

Image uploading apps specifically Instagram growth is viral, as you can see every year more and more users are connecting with each other and sharing their stories and images. That clearly indicates people do love cameras which are socially connected and compact in size.

What you think ? People love photography but they don’t love camera anymore ? Do share your thoughts with us.

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Nikon Working on Next Generation of Android Compact Camera

Nikon is working on new generation of compact camera with android OS. We have spotted a new patent that shows a camera integrated with compact zoom lens.  Nikon announced Nikon COOLPIX S800c with andorid OS five years ago and after that they discontinued the camera and no further successor was announced.

From the patent its very clear that Nikon wants to Re-enter in the compact market with new weapons.  We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Patent Details translated from Japanese

To provide a user-friendly image capturing device.SOLUTION: An image capturing device includes; image capturing means which captures an object image formed by an image capturing optical system that includes a zoom lens for varying focal length and outputs an image signal; zoom drive means which drives the zoom lens in an optical axis direction; a manipulation member which enables optical zooming operation; a first processing unit which runs a predetermined operating system and is capable of executing a program which is entered by a user and is executable on the operating system; and a second processing unit which controls the zoom drive means to drive the zoom lens in accordance with optical zooming manipulation applied on the manipulation member while the program is being run by the first processing unit.

android camera image

more translated details

The present invention relates to an imaging apparatus.

Conventionally, an imaging device is known which carries Android (registered trademark) universal OS (operating system) of the. For example, Non-Patent Document 1, a digital camera Android OS mounted sold by the applicant have been described. The OS provides a variety of API for using the camera function (Application Programming Interface).

The digital camera according to Non-Patent Document 1, OS having an API to use a so-called electronic zoom is mounted. Therefore, it not created specifically for the digital camera, if you run a program that was created towards the various electronic devices in which the OS operates, it was not possible to use the optical zoom function.

camera LCD lens patent image

Nikon Patent Android Camera Document first page